The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) was founded in 2007. A group of Muslim officers having identified a huge gap of faith within policing, held several key meetings with the Police minister and Chief’s councils to make a strong case for establishing a national association. This was eventually met with approval and the Metropolitan Police service became the first to launch its own association in 2007. This soon became the catalyst for other forces to follow suit and in 2007 local AMPs came together to formulate a national association consisting of 10 member forces.  NAMP was established to create a stronger network for Muslim officers/staff to address inequality/unfairness within the police service. NAMP is a constituted body that has over the years seen a growth in membership which currently stands at approximately 3000 which include police officers of all ranks, Police staff PCSOs and Specials. NAMP also has external associated membership that includes key community contacts, Muslim community organisations, Muslim media and Mosque Councils.


To provide support to local AMP

Improving recruitment, retention and progression of Muslim Officers/Staff

Addressing disproportionality within misconduct/grievance procedures

Promote learning and development of its members

To support the religious and welfare needs of Muslim colleagues

To promote understanding and awareness of Islam within the police service and the wider community

To promote understanding and awareness of Islam within the police service and the wider community

To influence the direction of national policies in the Police Service

Promoting community cohesion and enhancing the safety of our communities.

Create a network / group of key individuals.

What does NAMP do?

NAMP has a vision statement and 9 key objectives that it delivers against. These objectives have been determined based on evidence, experience & perception of Muslim staff.

These areas of business continue to have an adverse impact upon Muslim staff and pose a real challenge to the police service if it is to truly be representative of the communities it serves.

NAMP through its executive board which is made up of local chairs, discuss barriers, issues, good news stories and share best practises. Common issues are identified and then raised with stakeholders such as the Home office, NPCC, College of Policing, National Police Federation, Chief Constables in order to engage, influence, scrutinise, and hold to account in order to address the issues.

NAMP is represented at decision making steering groups, strategic committees and policy maker forums and is at the heart of these areas of key business to ensure every opportunity is maximised in order to meet objectives. NAMP highlight issues of procedural injustice and help develop positive action programmes that overcome barriers to support Muslim staff.

NAMP currently is working with the Home Office, College of Policing, National Police Chief Council, Police Federation, National Black & Asian Police Association, National Sikh Association and other national Staff support networks. External partnerships include organisations such as Tell MAMA, MCB and Human Appeal.



NAMP has quarterly meetings and has elections every two years. The current elected positions are:

Chair: Inspector Mustafa Mohammed (WMP)

Vice – Chair: Alexander Gent (WYP)

General Secretary: Sophia Parveen (GMP)

Treasurer: Kamran Shaikh (WMP)

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